The Tombstone mountain

Hiking in wilderness


Location : Yukon, Canada. ( from Whitehorse to Tombstone)
Environment : Tundra river and valley
Level : Good level
Duration : 08 days including 06 days hiking
Season : Autumn , Summer
Date(s) :
Price : 2250 $ (+ 5% GST, off air)
Activity : Hiking
Desciption :  


The Tombstone Territorial Park is located in central Yukon, north of the historical city Dawson. In this park –considered as the most beautiful in central Yukon- you will be surrounded by arctic tundra and not by boreal forest. There is only a few maps describing this region and each trek represents a real exploration.

Fauna and flora are diversified there because of the geological quality and the proximity of the Arctic Circle. Arctic tundra, located hundreds kilometers north, is also present in the alpine zone, and is very similar to the one in High Arctic: hills, plateaus and mountains are covered with tundra and shrubs.



A 08 days trip including 06 days trekking
An ideal trip to combine trekking exploration and observation
A trip in the middle of arctic tundra
A trip in which you will encounter mooses, bears, lynxes and birds
Dawson city’s visit
Two nights in a hotel
Camp’s lifestyle
Observation of northern lights



The Tombstone Territorial Park is a place where you will be in total autonomy and where you will discover wildlife. There is no map for this place and each tour is a discovery. This huge park stretches towards arctic lands and ends up at Alaska’s frontier. Only a few persons completely crossed this park since there is nothing at the end, just you, the wind and the complete silence. This is an exceptional trip, unique in France.



Number of days of activities

08 days including 06 days trekking
A camping tent to put up each night
5 to 9 persons per guide

Characteristics of the tour

Go and back to the Territorial park by minivan
The trek: 46 kilometers a day
Level: Advanced
On-piste and off-piste hiking


Day 1: In a spacious and equipped hotel
Day 2 to 6: Under a tent, in a camp
Day 7: Back to the hotel 
Day 8 : End of the trip


In the hotel : non included
During the trip: Hot breakfast, lunch and diner
Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks


French speaking guide of a French guide qualified in mountain and river
All our guides are equipped with a satellite phone, a GPS and updated maps.
Therefore, you will always be connected to the closest first-aid post.


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  Christophe Marie
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