The Chilkoot trail

Hiking trip in Yukon


Location : Canada/ Alaska ( From Dyea to Benett lake)
Environment : Mountains, lakes, and forest
Level : Good level
Duration : 07 days including 05 days hiking
Season : Summer
Date(s) :
Price : 2150 € (+ 5% GST, off air)
Activity : Hiking
Desciption :  


The Chilkoot Trail is a 53km length located through the Coast mountains. It stretches from Dyea in Alaska (US) to the Bennet Lake in British Columbia (Canada). The Chilkoot Trail is not only mighty thanks to its landscapes but also thanks to its long history. In 1898, over 30.000 minors followed this trail, both in summer and winter, carrying heavy loads and hoping to make a fortune in Dawson city. It was also a trail crossed by the first nations, in order to make fur trade. During our hike we will go through the coastal rainforest, the high mountain, the passes and the boreal forest. You will see landscapes and faun like no other in the world; we will adventure where gold seekers did before. 

The Chilkoot Trail is handled by Park Canada. Therefore, the path is very well maintained. Camps are equipped: toilets, huts, hiding places against bear and floor fitted to tents. There are also some picnic tables. Along the trail, there are a lot of streams coming from the glacier which will allow us to restock easily. The trip is a 6 days hiking tour. The trail crosses 3 ecosystems: rainforest, boreal forest and alpine environment. Therefore, we will observe faun and flora completely fitted out to these environments.



07 days trip including 05 days hiking
The chance to travel in a small group (7persons max)
An experienced and qualified guide
A trip following gold diggers’ footsteps
A 3 different ecosystems trip
2 nights in a hotel
A float-plane tour (option)
A steam train tour




We will go back to 1898. At that time, boats coming from San Francisco would disembark hundreds of men and women on the Skagway quay. Men would risk anything in order to make a fortune. They would cross the Chilkoot trail carrying tons of equipment and facing very low temperatures, ice, snow, bears, and above all, hunger. During the hike, we will observe many remnants from this heroic period: old camps, old wires and many tools left behind.



Day 1: Flight from Paris to Whitehorse, transfer to the hotel
Day 2: Transfer to Skagway then to Dyea to start the base camp
Day 3 to 6: Hiking on the Chilkoot Trail
Day 6: Trek to Bennett lake, transfer to the lodge in Whitehorse by train or Float plane (option)
Day 7: Transfer to town, then to the airport



Number of days of activities

5 persons per guide minimum
07 days trip including 05 days hiking
Build a camping tent each night along the river
Active participation is required at the camps.


Day 1: Hotel
Day 2 to 5: In a tent at the camp
Day 6: Back to the hotel
Day 7: Departure from the Whitehorse airport 


In the hotel : not included
During the hike: Hot breakfast, hot lunch and hot diner
Snack in the middle of the morning and in the middle of the afternoon 


French speaking guide or French guide specialized in Arctic and qualified in mountain in river.
All our guides are equipped with a satellite phone, a GPS and updated maps. Therefore, you will always be connected with the closest first-aid post.


( Bennett lake return by float plane : $175 per person and lasts 40mn.
Your itinerary: Paris/Franckfurt/Whitehorse: Condor airlines and Edelweiss Airlines or Paris/Vancouver/Whitehorse: Air Canada and Air Transat


your guide :  
  Christophe Marie
06 71 78 22 37

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