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Our engagements, our philosophy, an irreproachable ethics

IMG_4105The people who choose our trips are considered as sustainable consumers who are aware that their attitude, their presence and their actions can be a factor of development as well as a destabilizing element for the people.

Therefore our team as well as our customers commit themselves to limit any attitude and intervention which could have an impact on the co

mmunities’ social, cultural and ecological balances, to refrain themselves to any donation or personal intervention on the areas that are not managed by the authorities, and to be the representatives of a responsible tourism by reducing :

The social and cultural impacts, linked to our presence
The cultural erosion
The clash of cultures
The physical pressure, factor of social stressThe deterioration of the social situation
The immoderate consumption of natural resources
The various pollutions
The physical impacts

Solidarity tourism:

We do our best to involve the local population in the different phases of our touristic project, without changing their natural, cultural and social habits, in order to develop the territory. Our guides will be there to make you sensitive about the natural resources and prepare you to the trip. Hence, we propose trips including:
Observation of nature, traditional cultures, education and interpretation of the environment, an organization and a logistic made of small groups.

Sustainable development:

Concerned about the environment, our agency supports sustainable development by respecting nature and men. We invite you to discover a world in which we will evolve together. The small team of organizers will lead to the middle of nature to observe it and understand it. Our company is proud to propose you « eco touristic » trip, certified « Leave no trace », in which respect of the environment and the well-being of the population are a priority.

« Because just like you, we love nature and wish to preserve it »


Christophe Marie

The agency’s manager