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Adventure, authenticity and great northern country :

DSC_3771The story begins in 2008. Christophe Marie, fascinated since always by the Canadian Big North just finished its training as an adventure guide in Gaspé Peninsula (Quebec). After a short stay in France back with his friends and family, he goes back to Canada and decides to creates his agency in Whitehorse (Yukon) which proposes trips and adventures in the wild.

He calls it Jack & Son. Jack, as a tribute to the great author and adventurer Jack London, of whom he used to listen stories as a kid. But also as a tribute to his father, Jacques, who taught him to respect nature and how to canoe, hunt and fish. You will meet Jacques during the trips since he’s now a assistant guide for the agency. He told him :

“One day, when you will come back, it will be your turn, you will be able to teach and transmit your passion”.

This is what compose the spirit of Jack & Son: nature, adventure, family and tradition. Today in Canada, tomorrow in the USA. Always with the same wish, to make you discover exceptional regions and live unforgettable experiences as great adventurers did. 

“I knew by experience that I had to provoke things, a simple and peaceful life would not satisfy me. Therefore I decided to devote my life  to what I was made for”.

Christophe Marie